Wednesday, February 19, 2014

After 23 years the Caledon Hills Studio Tour is done. The times change and the Artists’ Agendas have changed.

Cedar Creek Gallery continues with unbridled enthusiasm for Landscape Photographic images and participating in the Creative life in Caledon!

There is a new “Gallery” on the web site to view – “The Danube” and in June the images from the Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre will be posted in a new Gallery  on the web site and of course will be on display in the Gallery itself.

Marty will be announcing dates for Open Houses, some with Artist colleagues, in April. Watch this space!

Visitors welcome as always by appointment.
Please call Marty at 647 241 2591 or e-mail at

Friday, August 17, 2012

Caledon Hills Studio Tour

This year the 2012 Caledon Hills Studio Tour is being held on 2 weekends:
Saturday, September 22
Sunday, September 23
Saturday, September 29
Sunday, September 30

All the Artists' Studios are open 10:00am - 5:00pm each day and during the week between events by appointment.

10 Artists and their guests in 8 Studios open their doors on this self guided tour. All the Artists are on site to discuss their work.

You will see acrylic and oil painting, photography (Me!), textiles, glass, turned wood vessels, stone sculpture, jewelery and pottery.

For all the details and introductions to the Artists please visit our web site: You will find this a handy guide to plan your personal visit.
You can easily visit all the studios and have a lovely lunch in half to two-thirds of a day. Also, each artist will be pleased to direct you to their favorite spots for food and drink, as well as local highlights.

As for Cedar Creek --- my full repertoire of landscapes will be on display and of course for sale in both framed and unframed versions. There are images from Australia, Italy, Israel, Jordan, the Baltic Coast, the American South West, Florida, Sicily and naturally Caledon.

My feature images are mounted on canvas. You will be amazed at the effect - they appear to be oil paintings!

A visit to Cedar Creek and my colleagues' Studios all minutes away is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a very special place in our world; the Caledon Hills, resplendant in Fall Colours. Local restaurants of all stripes and local sites abound enriching your experience.

If I can be of any assistance in terms of directions, lunch venues, sights to see,etc. please call or e- mail.

Marty Rothstein
Cedar Creek Gallery
16770 Horseshoe Hill Road
Caledon, ON
Gallery: 905 584 9559
Cell: 647 241 2591

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Caledon Hills Studio Tour

This year the Caledon Hills Studio Tour is on Saturday, September 25 and Sunday, September 26 from 10:00am-5:00pm each day.

Eleven local artists and their guest artists in eight studios open their doors on this self-guided tour. All the artists will be on site in their studios to discuss their work, which of course will be available for sale. Each artist will be pleased to direct you to their "Artist's Pick" - a favorite local highlight, including eateries.

The work is of a very high quality and very diversified including: acrylic and oil paintings, Photography (Me!), Textiles, Glass, Turned Wood Vessels, Jewelery, Pottery and Indoor and Garden metal Sculpture.

Please visit the Tour web site at to plan your Adventure in Caledon! Our new Video will give you a "taste" of what you can see and the artists that you will meet. You can see that you can easily visit all the Studios and have a lovely lunch in half to two-thirds of a day.

My full collection of Landscape Photographs will be on display - images from Caledon and around the world. New works include shots taken in Sicily, Florida and Caledon. For new visitors there are images from Australia, Italy, Israel, Jordan, the Baltic Coast and the South West. While you are on my site take the Tour for a preview!

I am featuring my new "passion" for mounting special images on canvas. The collection now is up to 12 photographs. The effect will amaze you as they look like oil paintings!

A visit to Cedar Creek and The Tour is always a glorious opportunity to enjoy not only the art, but the natural beauty of the Caledon Hills in their most magnificent Fall colors. As always the atmosphere is informal and fun, while the work is professionally presented lovingly shot images from around the world. Nibbles and drinks are part of the visit to Cedar Creek to encourage visitors to stay and chat.

If I can help assist you in your visit please get in touch -
Marty Rothstein
905 584 9559

Hope to see you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

An Invitation to Hidden Adventures

From June 2 through June 27 three artist friends and I will be exhibiting our work with the show, "Hidden Places" at the Williams Mill Gallery in Glen Williams. You will enjoy an exploration of the seen and unseen in each of our own ways ----
Elizabeth Babyn and Merle Harstone via painting, Anne Shabason through collage and mystical poetry and Marty with his landscape photographs. Marty will be showing his entire collection of images on canvas for the first time.
The beautiful village of Glen Williams is a treat unto itself - just north of Georgetown (a suburb), it is a picturesque artistic community with a series of galleries and artist studios in close proximity. Close by there is a pub, bakery, and ice cream parlor. All in all a terrific outing easily accessed from Toronto and the GTA.
The gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday noon to 5:00pm. The Artists Reception is Saturday June 12 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. There will be at least 1 of the artists there every day.
Hope to see you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Reminder of the Caledon Hills Studio Adventure

Caledon Hills Studio Adventure 2009

This is to invite you to the annual Caledon Hills Studio Adventure, the studio tour of the artists of Caledon, on Saturday and Sunday October 3 and 4 between the hours of 10:00am and 5:00pm each day.

This year there are 8 Studios and 13 Artists. All the information on the Artists, their guests, locations of Studios and maps can be found at the Caledon Hills Studio Adventure web site -

Cedar Creek Gallery is the photographic studio in the group. New works include landscape photographs of Israel and Jordan, new images from Florida and additional images mounted on canvas - my new passion!

A visit to the Gallery and my colleagues studios is a feast of quality and diversified art, as well as a wonderful day in the country in beautiful Caledon with the Fall colours and local sights and fine restaurants. At the gallery we will have nibblies and wine and great chatter.

For food recommendations:
For a wonderful lunch on Saturday or dinner Saturday and Sunday the Village Bistro at Highway 10 (Hurontario) and Highway 24 in the Village of Caledon. 519 927 1919.
For sandwiches and picnic fare - Howard the Butcher in Caledon East on Airport Rd.
905 584 2934
For Family dining Flapjack's on Highway 10 just north of the Grange Side Rd.
519 927 3514

If I can be of any assistance in terms of directions, sights to see of more info on eating venues please call me at 647 241 2591or e-mail at

Hope to see you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Everyone,

I am pleased to advise you that The Burdette Gallery has agreed to show some of my work for the next 3 months - from August through October. Specifically, Burdette will be showing some recent images shot in Israel and Jordan, as well as the complete collection of canvas images.

The Burdette Gallery is located in Orton, which is just west of Orangeville about a 1 hour drive from Tornonto. The property is itself a "work of art" - nestled amongst 65 acres of meadow and pines with trails, ponds and picnic tables, where families can enjoy the country ambience and get to know the local critters and birds. Burdette's address is 111212 11th line, R.R.#2, Orton, ON. Telephone 519 928 5547. Visit their web site at

Burdette represents over 100 artists who are well known locally, nationally and internationally. Their works are very diverse and you will see paintings, three dimensional sculptures, stained glass, decorative pieces and photography.

A visit to Burdette combines an artistic experience as well as a splendid day in the country visiting a showpiece of natural beauty.

Hope you can come and see my work and other excellent art.



Friday, June 19, 2009

New Images for Israel and Jordan

Hi Everyone,

The Gallery ready images from Israel and Jordan can be seen at the Israel/Jordan Gallery under Galleries on the web site.

The pictures are in the Gallery at Cedar Creek. Three are mounted on canvas and appear to be paintings. The canvas experiment has now become a genre and occupies a special section in the Gallery. Reaction from the public at large, customers and my fellow artists has been outstanding. The Painters are particularly enamored of the concept. There is now a total of 6 canvas images

I am planning an Open House on a weekend in July and will advise. Also, the Caledon Hills Studio Adventure, the Tour of the Caledon East Artists is scheduled for the weekend of October 3, 4 and I will be sending out invitations to my contact list re. times, etc.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at:
647 241 2591